Where are you?

We are based in St Martins in a purpose built, modern unit. The clinic has a discrete side entrance to ensure your privacy. Map of location.

Do I need to be referred by a Doctor?

No. Anyone can book an appointment with one of the Doctors or Nurses at our clinic. If your Doctor has suggested coming to the clinic for treatment of a medical problem it can be helpful to have a note from them with a brief description of the diagnosis and any relevant medication to help us to give appropriate treatment.

Will my medical insurance pay for treatment?

Usually not. Some of the treatments at the clinic are classed as cosmetic, so will not usually be covered by your medical insurance. If you want a medical related problem treated, such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, excessive sweating or port wine stains, some insurance companies may fund this. We would suggest you contact your insurance company before commencing any treatment if you are looking for coverage.

What is your cancellation / DNA policy?

Appointments cancellation 24 hours. No shows and cancellations on the day of appointment are charged at 50% of your scheduled treatment price.

Do I have to pay for an appointment if I just want skin care products?

No. If you would like advice on our professional skincare range (Jan Marini) you can have a free skin consultation, you just need to pay for the products you choose.

Can I buy a treatment for someone as a present?

Yes. We have gift vouchers available which can be used for treatments or products.

Do you do test patches?

At the initial consultation a test patch will be performed to assess your suitability for Laser or IPL treatments, if this is what you choose.

Will your treatments hurt?

We offer a wide range of different treatments ranging from relaxing and soothing skin peels, to more uncomfortable treatments like laser removal of birth marks. Some treatments, such as IPL and laser for most conditions, are described as slightly irritating or uncomfortable rather than painful. For the highest level treatments, a local anaesthetic can be used, although this is not usually necessary.

Do you sell any makeup that is suitable for spot-prone skin?

Yes. We stock the Mineralogie range of makeup, which is renowned for the purity of its 100% mineral formulas. By using pure minerals instead of regular makeup, your skin is able to breathe, pores do not get blocked and bacteria is not given a place to breed. This make-up can give an extremely light, natural look, or can be used to give complete coverage.

Why are Jan Marini products better for my skin than my normal cleansers and moisturisers that I buy over the counter?

Jan Marini are completely different skin care products than those you buy over the counter. They are extensively researched to offer high quality ingredients in just the right amounts to penetrate the skin and improve it. Because of the potency of many of the products you should only buy Jan Marini products from a trained skin care professional following analysis of your skin.