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Authentic beauty, trusted locally.

We invite you to experience some of the latest cosmetic treatment innovations in Guernsey. We are part of Healthcare Group and our core principle is to provide safe, cosmetic treatments in a discreet, medical clinic.


We offer a wide range of safe cosmetic treatments in Guernsey. These include doctor-led injectable treatments, Regenlite™ laser treatments, IPL, and specifically formulated skincare products only available from specialist clinics.

Featured Treatments

Polynucleotide treatment

Polynucleotide injection is an innovative treatment with biostimulation properties. It works by regenerating your skin after just a few treatments.

Non-permanent Dermal Fillers

The development of wrinkles and creases is part of the natural aging process and over time the face loses volume because of the loss of collagen.

Botox (Botulinum A) – fine lines and wrinkles

Botulinum, commonly known as Botox®, is a trusted way of treating and preventing wrinkles on the face and neck.


If you are unsure about which one of our treatments would be suitable, we have created a section for you to browse by conditions. Find out about the range of treatments available for individual concerns and make an informed decision on any of our cosmetic treatments.

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From my first visit, I felt completely at ease; their commitment to safe cosmetic procedures made my journey to feeling more beautiful both comforting and truly transformative.

Lucinda B.

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